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New Looks!

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone! Wow! lamanye tak update blog. Hahaha! Mianei. Ira sibuk sikit la sejak akhir-akhir ni. It's all about my PMR examination that was just around the corner. OMG! *nervous.

Okok. Buang kat tepi pasal PMR sat. Jom cerita pasal raya! YAYY! Hahaha! *dah macam orang gila. How's raya korang? best? Dapat banyak duit raya? Ira dapat tak adalah banyak mana. Bese je. Jap! Before that, korang semua puasa penuh tak? Kalau perempuan, adalah excuse.

Tukar topik lain pulak, dah tengok blog baru Ira yang dah berubah rupa? Hehe~ sorry la sebab terlalu banyak gambar EXO. and for the header, Ira letak gambar Kris, also from EXO group. Blog ni dah berubah rupa and thanks to my beloved cousin arianna a.k.a yoyo sebab tolong editkan. Thanks cousin!! Love you! hahaha! So, godek-godek la blog Ira ni. Then, jangan lupa tau tinggalkan link blog korang dekat Ira punya cbox. Nanti senang Ira nak follow and melawat blog korang yang awesome tu.. :)

I think, I should stop here. Nanti Ira sambung lagi k? Annyeong! <3

Shopping Like Crazy

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone! Big story today! First, how was your day? Are you feeling well? Have you done your homeworks? ready for school? LOL, so many questions.... HAHAHA!!

Okay, today I went to KLCC. Not alone, with my family of course. So crowded with all the races there. English, Arabians, Chinese, Indians, Africans and blabla... Lots to tell.. Went I arrived there, I totally became frantic! Totally excite with all the stores I've seen.. Of course I would not afford it. Like my Cikgu Nory said, beribu-ribu lemon... Hahaha! But yeah! I like it even just took a glance...

I've seen many branded stores. LV, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Gucci and many of them. I can't named all otherwise my fingers broken... Kidding only... Then, I went to Petrosains... and lots of things we've seen... I've been to Kinokuniya too... A bookstore there.. I bought a book, The Host. I'm totally shocked by the price. So, it goes as my most expensive collection...

The thing that totally make my heart jumped is the bill for the car parking... For 7 hours park, it cost... (drum rolling sound).... RM 28.80!! Damn it was so expensive!!

I'll stop here first.. Till we meet again in the next post..